Befuddled by Paper

For years now I have been befuddled by paper. Dealing with paper is like walking through a dense forest, lost among the trees with no way out. I remember when I was training an assistant in an office in our publishing house where I was a manager and discovering the blessed gift that this person was now the one to deal with the endless paper notes that get generated from memos and post-its and emails that have been printed out so we don’t forget them and meeting minutes…. I was so relieved! Unfortunately that person has taken my place and I’ve been moved to the digital department and am once again responsible for my own paper organization. I found a great Chrome extension called Note Board. It creates a nifty icon top right of the screen which pulls up a number of bulletin boards which can be accessed by tabs. I separate what would be scraps of paper on my desk onto my bulletin boards: one for schedules (so I don’t have to incessantly ask the sisters in my department to tell me yet again when they will be out), one for research to follow up on (when I find a helpful article about some new aspect of digital publishing we should be aware of), one for ideas for blogs, etc. Click on the bulletin board twice, a digital post it appears, cut and paste/type in the information, change the color or add a picture. Done. No paper. No befuddlement. No memory loss.

Committing things to paper leaves my mind free to contemplate God.


2 thoughts on “Befuddled by Paper

  1. Thanks, Sister! What a wonderful tip! I will look up that chrome extension. I would rather use some of that time to focus on God!


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