What attracts me most to the digital world is freedom…the freedom of the Spirit who can connect me to anyone anywhere. Of course, even the Spirit has me make use of technology, although in truth I am connected and united to others most intimately through being a member of the Christ’s Mystical Body.

In the evenings I find much joy in the personal connecting that happens through HeartWork: an online program of spiritual development and personal growth. The technology I use you can find at zoom.us and I highly recommend it. It is an online meeting program that is simple enough to be used with family members and sophisticated enough with its premium features to be used by businesses. It is much more stable than Skype. Customer service is phenomenal. After we hadn’t paid our monthly fee the customer service representative said at the end of the call: “Thanks for being such a great customer!” I was taken aback. Now I use that phrase alot in my own customer service work at www.paulinestore.org. There is a free version up to 40 minutes and the next step up is a low $10 for unlimited time and the ability to conference in a number of participants to a call.

Technology is not an end, it is a support to freeing the human spirit for intimate communication and union.


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