When I’m putting together an online newsletter I often run across the issue that when I center align an image, the entire newsletter aligns center. When I align it left, the entire newsletter aligns left. The way around this situation is to insert a <div> code before the section to be centered and a </div> after. The <div> code indicates a section in an HTML document and the commands applied to that section don’t affect other sections.

I’ve noticed that working with code has changed the way I think and tackle problems. When something isn’t right in my code, I immediately isolate the issue into separate parts and begin to troubleshoot each part one at a time. In other words, divide and conquer! This type of analysis has come in handy for alot of other situations also. I certainly no longer guess about things. Without thinking about it, I divide the issue or situation into tiny parts and begin to work on each part and connect it then to the next.

The trouble comes when I apply this type of thinking to all of my life. Contemplation, for example, is like art appreciation. You step back and take in the whole when you gaze at a piece of art. You don’t examine a masterpiece inch by inch, color by color, brush stroke by brush stroke. Deep prayer also flows from a sense of wholeness and unity. Instead of analyzing we gaze. Instead of figuring out an issue as if it were a problem we wait upon God to reveal what’s deeply right about things just as they are.

Sometimes we need to bracket spheres of our life with a type of <div></div> so that we keep a way of thinking and working that is a strength in one area of our life from spilling over into other areas where it would be a liability. However a contemplative attitude never needs to be isolated from the rest of your life. In whatever aspect of life, a contemplative, open, waiting awareness is always a constructive and graced way of proceeding.


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