Zoom: Free or Inexpensive Cloud Conferencing

Zoom (www.zoom.us) is one of my favorite tools for sharing with others. It’s a simple, straightforward cloud conferencing experience. Starting with a free plan you can have unlimited 1 to 1 meetings for up to 40 minutes. For $10 a month (which is the plan we have) you can conference with up to 25 people for an unlimited amount of time as often as you like.

You can record your conference, chat, screen share, schedule meetings, join by phone, and just about everything you’d really need to do for ministry or a small business (or family).

I use it for one-on-one spiritual development sessions in the evenings, choosing it over other options out there because it has proven to be very stable. I have never been kicked off, been unable to hear through the static, or had a problem with the video. I even gave a presentation to a group of retreatants in Honolulu (the next best thing to flying in for the day).

“May the Word of God speed on and triumph.” (St. John Paul II to the Daughters of St. Paul)


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