Pokemon Go and Syria’s Children

I was thinking this morning that there is a whole invisible world that Pokemon Go players still don’t see, even as they chase the creatures around that are part of this virtual reality game: angels, guardian angels,  the communion of saints, their loved ones who have left this world and in some way still care for them or need their prayers.

This article is about another whole world that is unfortunately also invisible: the world of children in Syria.

A media agency run by activists in Syria is capitalizing on the Pokemon Go craze to plead for help for children inside the war-torn country.
The campaign has latched onto the global mania surrounding the game, asking fanatic gamers to take a break from hunting for digital creatures and instead turn their attention to helping Syrian families trapped in war zones.
“I am in Syria. … Save me!!” the Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Group tweeted. Below the tweet, children hold signs in both Arabic and English with a Pokemon creature. One sign pleads: “I am [in] an area of Eastern Ghouta, Syria. Come save me!”

To read more click here.





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