Sacred Screen Time is where I journal my contemplative reflections on life as–as some would call me–a TechnoNun. My role description includes webmaster, digital publishing, content marketing, social media, app developer. Honestly, however, I was simply asked by my superiors to take on this ministry at Pauline Publishing, and though I knew nothing when I started, somehow God has taken my poverty and reached out through it to the world.

Apostolic mysticism is at the heart of what it is to be a follower of the great apostle Paul: a man with a passion for Jesus and a heart for others modeled on the Savior. As a Daughter of St. Paul I observe myself as I work at a computer all day, produce programs, create content, send newsletters, post on social networks, etc. If the medium is the message, which I believe it is, the computer, internet, tablet or cellphone of its very nature changes me, transforms my lifestyle, affects my spirit. If it impacts me, it affects others who may not be giving it as much thought. We are too precious, to hand ourselves over to technology without an awareness of how it is affecting us.

In these posts I hope to explore the life we all have now in this 21st century if we use a computer or smartphone, the internet, apps, or ebooks. If we keep our eyes on contemplating the mystery of God, we will know how to use these media in ways that will build up, sanctify, and bring unity, harmony and peace. I’m a forgetful person, or perhaps I just have too many things to remember that I forget whatever isn’t right in front of me. Reflectively examining my experience is my path to wholeness and inner peace.

Welcome to these pages and I hope that somewhere in one of them you might fine a word or phrase that will be a vehicle of the Spirit, opening your heart to the mystery of God’s desire for you.

Sr. Kathryn J. Hermes, FSP



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